** Important: All 25trends services are discontinued since 2015

The Arabic Data Company

Arabic Social Media Analytics

The first fully-automated arabic social media analytics service

Social Media Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Tool (SMART) for your Business

Measure your business performance on Social Media on multiple platforms

  • Users Feedback
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Campaign Tracking
  • Market Research & Reporting

Twitter Analytics

Analyze current twitter conversations by #tag @handle or any word

Twitter Trends

Twitter local & historical trending topics (Arab countries)

Twitter Historical Trends

Twitter historical trends

Personal Account (Social Mirror)

Analyze your personal twitter account

Facebook Pages

Analyze facebook pages

Facebook Search - Discontinued
Social Mirror - Discontinued
Old Post Finder

Facebook Post Finder

Youtube Video Analytics

Analyse any video on Youtube, Measure Reach, Engagement and Feedback

Instagram Analytics

Analyze Instagram Users & Tags

Google+ Analytics

Analyze Google+ Pages & Tags